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The 5-PHA Process

Assess - Report - Establish - Optimise


May name is Marius Nel and I am the Owner of Eat2Live and the developer of the Isometonics program and the 5 Point Health Assessment (5-PHA)

5-PHA exposes the true state of your health. The targeted assessments focus on the key areas that determine health and wellness:

  1. Body Composition
  2. Nutrition analysis
  3. Health History
  4. Stress & Anxiety
  5. Isometonic Fitness.

The resulting 5-PHA report reveals exactly what you must do, to reach your optimal health.

Eat2Live brings together powerful proven solutions to help you reach your health and weightloss goals.

The results from the combination of the 5-PHA, Isometonics and Herbalife solutions are phenomenal and speak for themselves. This image is a testimony of my personal progress.

I know exactly where I am headed. I know exactly how I will reach and maintain optimal health.The 5-PHA has laid out my goals for me. Do you know how you can reach and maintain optimal health?

I Do, start with your free 5 point health assessment

Marius Nel

Start your journey to optimal health today
BECAUSE, it is your life, and you deserve it

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