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May name is Marius Nel and I am the Owner of Eat2Live and the developer of the Isometonics program.

Like you I was looking for a solution to health and weight loss that would get me results, was sustainable, cost effective and was simple enough to fit into my busy lifestyle. I wanted a program that stood the test of time, and had thousands of positive testimonies. I found the solution with all the above criteria.

I have had phenomenal results using herbalife and combining it with the Isometonics program. I believe these are two of the most powerful health optimising and weight loss promoting solutions out there.

I am a testimony of these solutions and because of how I feel, mentally and physically, I have become incredibly excited to share these solutions with you. I have actually partnered with Herbalife as an independent distributor so I am able to bring these two solution together and offer them to those that are looking for a sustainable lifestyle that leads to optimal health.

The free membership is dedicated to giving you the information, recipies, tools Isometonics and coaching you may need to optimise your health and weight loss. There are no costs involved unless you would like to use the herbalife products, use the advanced Isometonics routines, or purchase the products I might recommend from time to time.

I know, it’s terrible, we are selling products on this website. At least I can guarantee that the products we do sell is of the highest quality and carries a money back guarantee should you not be satisfied.

Please feel free to join our community, it is free, and we want nothing more than to help you succeed in the health and weight loss thing.

I invite you to become an inspiration to others that face what you are facing right now. Become a victor, and live the life you deserve.

Marius Nel

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