My Mission

My mission is to help people find out the true state of their health using 5-PHA. Based on their result I pledge to help them optimise their health. As their personal wellness coach, I will be there every step of the way to ensure my clients lose weight and become healthy. I want to see all my client live their lives to the full.

My Values

I hold strong Christian values. After all, I have received my PhD in Theology in 2007 so it must be core to who I am and what values I hold to. But let me flesh out this statement a bit. I hold five themes as my life and business rules, they are:

  1. Love others as you love yourself
    1. This ties in with doing to others as you would have them to you. But love is an incredible force that shapes and changes everything, and this is what my base is built on
  2. Be honest in everything you do
    1. Honesty is the route to trust. Without others trust, you cannot have joy.
  3. Live with integrity
    1. Live with the thought that your every action, word and thought is written down forever
  4. Purpose is found when you help others
    1. When we lose purpose, we lose joy
  5. Never stop the dream
    1. A Life lived without hope, without a dream is no life at all

My Story

Allow me to share my story with you. I was trained as a chef by the South African Military in the ChefsCorps. I was trained to make nutritious food to keep 3000 troops healthy, full of energy and combat ready.Without good nutrition, no military would function optimally.

If you looked at the troops we fed, they were in great shape, and believe me the whole idea that the army did not supply good food is absolute nonsense. Our troops ate A-grade meat, top quality vegetables and everything was fresh or frozen. Nothing came in powder form or ready-made containers. There was no such thing as powder eggs. Everything was cooked fresh and from scratch for every meal.

The Problem

When I left the army I got involved in the rat-race of life, and like everybody else, I started experiencing the weight gain and the ill health that comes with it, the decrease in energy, and the breakdown of physical fitness. The reason was simple, my lifestyle changed.

As I’m sure you’ve done, I tried some diet programs, and some worked for a while, but the weight always came back. The energy and health always disappeared. Finally, I became ill with splenic flexure syndrome and functional dyspepsia. This caused me to pause and look at my lifestyle. What I found was disheartening. I had fallen victim to an unhealthy way of life. The worst part if it was that I thought I was living a healthy life.

Because of the pain I was in, I started experimenting with food, did a nutrition specialist course, combined that with what I knew about nutrition from the Chefs Corps, and studied the most prevalent healthy diets in the market – paleo, Mediterranean, gluten-free, Atkins, ketogenic, weigh-less, Jenny Craig, and starch-based diets. These were full meal diets and I do not consider them fads as they all have solid research and case studies behind their philosophies.

I realised that our food industry was unknowing, slowly, poisoning us. The levels of manufactured stabilisers, colourants, sugars, enhancers etc. that we are consuming on a daily basis were far beyond what we can deem as healthy.

For instance, if you have 12 teaspoons of sugar a day it is borderline unhealthy. So if you drink one coke it is 12 teaspoons of sugar. See coke is not bad it is borderline. The problem is that you will have a coke, some noodles, maybe some crips, sauce or soup from a packet, some ketchup, or mayonnaise or some condiments, even some spices, and when you add up all the sugar in those food items, you will find that you are consuming scary amounts of sugar every day.

This counts for everything that is placed in man-made foods, to keep it from spoiling, to make it look appetising and to make it taste great. I know the health food websites are promoting the idea that everything made by man is going to kill you, and give you cancer, and cause dread disease. Look they are partly right, consuming these things at the amounts we consume them on a daily basis will definitely cause all sorts of health problems.

The Solution

5-PHA (5 Point Health Assessment)

I developed the 5-PHA to make it possible for everyone to have the ability to know the true state of their health, and having the power in their own hands to know exactly what they must do to optimise the health. This simple but powerful approach was designed to remove all the guesswork from your health and fitness goals.

I believe what the 5-PHA reveals and answers will enable you to finally take control off of your health.


Furthermore, the decline of fitness levels or the will to do something about it is prevalent in the world today. Physical fitness plays a major part in health. Not weight loss, but health. I realised that I had to address this issue and developed a low impact exercise program called Isometonics.

The effectiveness of Isometonics lies in the combining of the Isometric and Isotonic exercise regimes into a new easy to follow and extremely effective exercise program that you can do at home. The program is designed so that anyone at any fitness level can start the program and increase their fitness level.

Then I discovered Herbalife:

Herbalife said this: Our mission is to help people around the world lead a healthy, active lifestyle. We produce top quality, scientifically-formulated products; products that are loved by our clients all of which are on the road to becoming the best version of themselves. Millions of people have already achieved and maintained great results.

I tried the products and got the same results as the millions of customers. I fell in love with the simplicity, the convenience, the taste, the ethos and the health improvements of the Herbalife brand. So enthralled that I am now promoting Herbalife as an independent distributor.

I am now seeing peoples lives change on a monthly basis and it is awesome. 


Eat2Live is an exclusive health assessment platform that offers healthy active lifestyle solutions based on the results of the 5-PHA report. I use Isometonics, Herbalife, and a nutrient dense diet with your own coach as the solution to help people change their lives for the better. I am very proud to present Eat2Live and our health solution to the world. I wholeheartedly believe that Eat2Live is a solution for the modern world to help with the fight against obesity and metabolic diseases.