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About Us

My Mission My mission is to help people find out the true state of their health using 5-PHA. Based on their result I pledge to help them optimise their health. As their personal wellness coach, I will be there every step of the way to ensure my clients lose weight and become healthy. I want to […]

Did You Know

To search select the category below ie. food facts. The hold in control “CTRL” key on your keyboard and ht the “f” key. Type in your search, all instances of the word will be highlighted. type two words to narrow your search some more.    Facts on FoodFacts On NutritionFacts on HealthFacts on FitnessFacts on […]

Keto Diet Menu

Before we look at the keto diet menu, we have to just take a quick look at what the keto diet entails, then I will get into your free one-week menu plan that you can swap and change and rework that will give you different eating day menus to last you for a whole month. […]