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The Eat2Live Nutrition Philosophy – Your Food Is Your Health

Eat2Live Nutrition Philosophy

At our core, we believe Your Food Is Your Health. If you are what you eat, it should be quite obvious that you don’t want to eat junk that will make you sick, depressed, rob you of energy and causes you to gain weight. You will be surprised to note that junk is not only […]

About Us

My Mission My mission is to help people find out the true state of their health using 5-PHA. Based on their result I pledge to help them optimise their health. As their personal wellness coach, I will be there every step of the way to ensure my clients lose weight and become healthy. I want to […]

Water for health and weight loss?

Drink water for health

Water is an absolute essential for life. Without water, you will die, too little water and you will suffer ill health from dehydration symptoms. Too much water and you could cause hyponatremia (Dilution of mineral content in the blood). Some people try to be excessive in their water intake and try to drink 6 litres of […]

Why Am I Always Tired?

Why Are You Always Tired

Tiredness is a malady that many people face on a daily basis. It is not necessarily that they are out partying all night and therefore have either a sleep deficiency or a hangover, rather it is someone that sleeps 7 to 8 hours a night and wakes up tired. Feels tired during the day, and […]

Where Did Common Sense Health Go!

Less than a hundred years ago if something was wrong with you the first person you went to was your mother, and if she wasn’t sure she would go to her mother. People had old remedies that we as South Africans know as Boere-Rate. Hell, there are even a few books on the market about these […]