Dairy Free Ketogenic DietIt is no secret that many people have an intolerance to dairy products. Some are born with this, others grow into it. It does not really matter how you became intolerant to dairy, especially when you compare it to how you feel when you eat dairy. Many people look to the dairy free low carb diet when they find out they cannot use milk products.

Why Low Carb

The question is why do people reach for a low-carb diet plan when they cannot use milk products. Simply put, there are many products that contain dairy in some form or another. Many sauces and baked goods contain milk or butter or cheese.

Going low carb makes it easier to cut out these products from your diet it is the easier choice. There is a catch though. The low carb diet uses a lot of dairy products in its meal plans.

The problem of low carb and dairy

Low carb diets consist of high amounts of fat. It might be surprising to many people that it does not mean eating copious amounts of fat. Dairy, for instance, is very high in fat, and this is why it is a preferred source of fat in the diet.

The problem arises when you cannot drink any milk, eat butter or cheese, or make use of creams in your cooking. I know of many people that wanted to quit the low carb diet before they started because of the dairy problem.

The solution

Goats to replace cows milkThankfully there are some people out there that have taken the initiative to put together some amazing recipes for a dairy-free diet. Most of the dairy products can be replaced with alternatives.

Goats milk and cheeses are sometimes an answer.  People find that they are not allergic to other types of milk, however, there might still be reactions. If that is the case you can use things such as coconut cream, coconut and almond milk and almond butter.

Replacing Cows milk with goats milk or using vegetable milk and butter, can be a solution to the dairy problem.

A low carb, no dairy diet plan

This almost sounds like an upsell at Mc Donalds. Not only must you go low carb, but you have to cut out your dairies as well? Sounds like an almost impossible lifestyle.

For this reason, you cannot wing this lifestyle. You will fall off so many times that it would be better to just stay off. You need a strategy, more succinctly, you need a diet plan. One that can give you a shopping list, and can give you daily menus.

You need to know what you put into your mount so that you can control any or all of the negative effects of dairy.  You need to know what is inside the products you use to avoid contamination.

This can be a daunting task if you don’t have a plan to work from.

What Can You Do?

The obvious first step is to remove all dairy from your house. Give it away, don’t try to use it until it’s is finished. Your recovery from dairy contamination will just be prolonged.

Get full-fat meat products – beef, lamb, chicken, and fish. Add eggs, green leafy vegetables, nuts, healthy oils, mayonnaise, and spices and herbs. Get coconut oil, coconut milk, and coconut cream and cook with these. You will quickly realize that you can have incredible meals without Dairy – cream, butter, and milk and cheese.

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Dairy Free Low Carb Meal Plan

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