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Sophia Percy Testiomony

Sovya & Percy

We have seen some pretty amazing result. I can remember things better which is very important at our age. Percy's seen some improvement in his narcolepsy and my blood pressure is stabilised.


Bradley & Dominique

We are youngsters, and we like going out, and cooking is not for us, take-outs are so much better. But the health and weight that comes with it not so much hey. This program works for us, all the way.

Marius & Yoland

We have had a history of failed diets, and health issues. We applied this program to our lives and saw significant changes. First in overall health and energy. Then the weight started coming off.

About us

I used to live to eat. I love food and I love cooking it. You see I was trained as a chef by the South African Military in the ChefsCorps. I started cooking for 3000 troops, then was moved to cook for the ranked staff. I loved to create amazing dishes and seeing the results by the looks on peoples faces.

All of this changed when I started living with constant pain and was diagnosed with Splenic Flexure Syndrome and Functional Dyspepsia. Suddenly the food that I loved eating and cooking were causing me pain. The worst part of the diagnosis is that it was chronic, for life, and there wasn't much they could do for it. My life of food and supplementation research began.

Eat2Live is the culmination of many years of food research and live testing. Every person is unique, and the way our bodies deal with food is unique, it is the time that we dealt with diet as unique to each person. This approach changes a diet into a lifestyle that is sustainable, shaped around you personally and increases your health, weight loss, wellness and energy.

Now my passion is to show people how they can eat amazing food, lose weight, increase health and wellness through a serious of lifestyle changes.

About Our Program

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