Below are 3 buttons, each will lead you to a page with a form for you to fill in. Please Don’t rush through these assessment forms. Be as concise and thorough as you can be with all the questions we ask. We are going to use this information to compile a report for you. This will be the foundation we work from to set up your lifestyle adjustments.

To start, click the body assessment button below. You will fill in the assessment form. Afterwards, you will receive an email with some information and then you will be prompted to continue to the next form.

Please be patient, reports are manually put together by real people. They are not automated papers churned out by machines. Remember, we believe in the personalised approach.

As a free member, the reports will show you exactly where you stand with your health and wellness. It will give you a place to work from should you choose to go at it yourself. Otherwise, you could join as a paid member and you will get another two assessments to fill in, plus you will be assigned your personal coach, and from the assessment, you will get a nutrition, health and fitness program worked out for you. This programme will be tweaked and updated regularly as a member to fit in with your progress and lifestyle.

NB.  All communication between you and us is strictly confidential under the same act that protects doctor-patient confidentiality.


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