Low-carb vegan diet may reduce heart disease risk, weight
Date: May 22, 2014
Source: St. Michael’s Hospital

Summary: In addition to weight loss, a vegan low-carbohydrate diet may also reduce the risk of heart disease by 10 percent over 10 years, researchers have demonstrated for the first time. The diet is a low-carbohydrate vegan diet. Many low-carbohydrate diets have been proven to improve weight loss but most emphasize eating animal proteins and fats, which may raise cholesterol. Diets that are high in vegetable proteins and oils may reduce the risk of heart disease by lowering “bad cholesterol.”

It saddens me tremendously that fat and protein are still getting the blame for cholesterol and heart disease. This article actually shows where these things come from without actually saying it. Carbohydrates. This is the evil in our kitchens. Bad carbohydrates are all those foods that started of naturally and was raped by man’s insistence on changing the goodness of nature into some man-made food form that the body does not know.

Take good old corn for instance. On the cob, or dried crushed and made into a porridge it is a food rich in minerals and vitamins. But industry gets hold of it, refines it, removes most of its goodness, sell it as flower that has been enriched. Have you ever wondered why we have food that is vitamin enriched? I thought our food always was full of vitamins and minerals. (They are when it is natural un-tampered food.) With flower for baking and bread, however, they have bleached and refined it to the point of death. Now they have to add vitamins and minerals to give the food ANY nutritive value.

If this were the only evil it would have been fine, but the plot thickens. Because they have taken all the goodness out of the food, it tastes like nothing, so flavourants and colourants are added. We have only been doing this for 150 years. How have we got any idea what effects these laboratory designed substances have on the human body?
Don’t think they won’t put poison out there for us to eat. They already have. We have already seen what MSG’s can do, yet we ate tons of the stuff before it was tagged as super unhealthy.

We have been living off meat and fat for as long as the human race was on the planet. It is what our bodies were designed for. We are omnivores, but yet again man is wiser than nature. But man knows better. So if man says meat is going to give you heart failure, you had better do as he says. Have you ever wondered why they would punt these other products so? Money friend, it is money. If I can sell you food I have made at a higher price you can buy the food for I am going to do it. If I have to add chemicals to the food so it lasts longer and diminishes my losses, I am going to do that. Guess what else I will do. I will tell you that my food is healthier than the natural alternatives. Hell, I will even tell you the natural food will kill you if you do not stop using them and start using my laboratory tested food.

For thousands of years, we used butter, a natural fat. In the last hundred years, the industry designed something new, They called it margarine. Guess what they are telling us. Butter – Which has been around for over five thousand years – is going to kill you. Margarine, on the other hand, is good for you, I made it in a laboratory, but it is healthier than the natural alternative.

They are finally pointing out that there is good cholesterol and bad cholesterol. Guess what, it is the carbohydrates that increase bad cholesterol, they proved it. What they don’t want to say is that the meat and fat also do not increase bad cholesterol. This has also been proven by science. Read this for more:

( It is time we get back to the natural fresh food lifestyle.

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