Less than a hundred years ago if something was wrong with you the first person you went to was your mother, and if she wasn’t sure she would go to her mother. People had old remedies that we as South Africans know as Boere-Rate. Hell, there are even a few books on the market about these ancient remedies.

But, already I digress, the topic here is the certain knowledge we had about what was good for us and how that has been diminished to a point where no-one knows for certain what is good for us anymore.

Remember the visits to Grandma’s house. The food, the smells, wasn’t it great that you could pour some of the homemade butter over the green beans and not feel like you are going to die of a heart attack. Now we have stopped all that yummy eating and replaced it with everything low fat, boxed and anything that has the little red heart foundation sticker on it.

For goodness sake, even the restaurants are cutting of the crackling from the pork chop before they serve it. Who told them to do that. I happened to enjoy that rind of crackling fat on a nice ole pork chop. You know it was less than a hundred years ago that we did not have any incidence of coronary heart disease. It wasn’t because we did not know about it, it was that it just was not an issue.

Heart foundation LogoThe rise of cancers and tumorous growths has skyrocketed in the last hundred years. Isn’t it amazing that the human diet was changed drastically in the last hundred years? What used to be good and healthy food is now poison and it is substituted by mass-produced, hyper-coloured, msg’d, preserved, boxed, tinned and dried food that all carry the little red heart. Can you see the irony here?

Science now tells us our food is not good enough, we must have supplements and vitamins, and who knows what else in order to get enough goodness from our food. Well duh! If we don’t eat the good food we used to, then don’t point the finger at the good food, point it at the food industry that is tampering with our food to the point that it is nutrient deficient. As long as we can paste a little red heart on it, it is good.

Really, why is there such a drive to get the human race away from good natural food the way Granny used to make it? Could it be that they want to make money – noooo, never!

What is the answer then? At Eat2Live we have a different way of looking at health and fitness. It is nothing radical like never going to a doctor, and not eating any food. No, we believe in eating good food. Because good food ultimately tastes great, keeps you full and regulates your weight -and – nourishes your body with most the minerals, nutrients and vitamins it needs.

Obscure Mountain

No Himalayan little bush that only flowers on every third full moon that has so much of everything that you will turn into Hercules with a brain by just drinking one tablet. Just what is around us is ample to supply every need for our health. You don’t need to go looking for it in the latest supplement from some obscure and distant shore.

Even exercise has been tampered with. Now it is this science, this application, this machine, and if you don’t have these, then well, you will never make it. It is here where old school is a great example of pure fitness. They are the proof that none of this hyped up nonsense stands in the way of you getting strong and fit. We have a similar approach to exercise. Visit our sister website – Isometonics.com – for more on this topic.

Fresh FoodMy suggestion for a greater healthier life is simple. Stay in the fresh food Isles at the supermarket. Fresh food has most of the time, no colourants, no preservatives, no Msg’s, no reduced goodness and no laboratized (new word) food. Stay away from anything that is enriched, irradiated, comes from a pulp, was dried and reconstituted and you are halfway to a healthier you. Don’t shy away from fish, meat and eggs, especially eggs, they are powerhouses, superfoods – and they won’t give you a heart attack – promise.

Finally, I have to say this. Get away from sugar. Our world is packed full of sugar. If you look at sugar as only the sugar you have in coffee and in a chocolate, then you need to read the labels of your food and see the total amount of sugar that you consume in a day. Sugar is not good for us. It is ok from time to time, but there is sugar in everything we buy, go check it out, we are TOTALLY Sugar saturated. Get rid of it!

Transformation is as simple as a choice. Choose to be better, put some action to your choice, and you will succeed. We give our members all the tools to make these life-changing decisions.