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Marius Nel

Marius Nel – My Values

I hold strong Christian values. After all, I have received my PhD in Theology in 2007 so it must be core to who I am and what values I hold to. But let me flesh out this statement a bit. I hold five themes as my life and business rules, they are:

  1. Love others as you love yourself
    1. This ties in with doing to others as you would have them to you. But love is an incredible force that shapes and changes everything, and this is what my base is built on
  2. Be honest in everything you do
    1. When you know the truth, it will set you free.
  3. Live with integrity
    1. Live with the thought that your every action, word and thought is written down forever
  4. Purpose is found when you help others
    1. When we lose purpose, we lose joy
  5. Never stop the dream
    1. Life lived without hope is no life at all

My Story

Live To Eat

Allow me to share my story with you. I was trained as a chef by the South African Military in the ChefsCorps. I was trained to make nutritious food to keep 3000 troops healthy and full of energy. I loved creating amazing dishes and loved good food.

All of this changed when I was diagnosed with Splenic Flexure Syndrome and Functional Dyspepsia. Suddenly the foods that I was taught is good for me, were causing me pain. The diets the doctors gave me caused more pain and they would not listen to my complaints. They were mostly interested in prescribing more pills. Because of this an amazing and serious food and supplementation research journey.

I made some startling discoveries about the food we eat and about the health industry as a whole. I decided to do a nutrition specialist course for clarity, but found the same dietary advice I received from the doctors.

I tried different diet programs, some good and some very bad. Some gave relative results others just caused more pain. I investigated the paleo concept but found it had some wrong ideas. Inspiration eventually came from nature – the San Bushman.

Bushmen San peopleThose that live from nature itself not from supermarkets, eat to live, they don’t live to eat. Remarkably when I changed through experimentation to this new powerful discovery, I experienced immediate and extraordinary results.

I saw incredible weight loss results and the pain from my medical conditions diminished dramatically. I was so excited I shared the concept with friends and family. They did not have my medical conditions, however, their weight loss results were just as remarkable as mine – Plus, the bonus was they saw big health improvements.

I became very excited about the possibilities of helping improve lives. Eat2Live was born. Eat2Live is an exclusive step by step health and weight loss solution for life that I am very proud to present to the world. I wholeheartedly believe that Eat2Live is a solution for the modern world to help with the fight against obesity and metabolic diseases.


Can I invite you to join us and let your success story become the motivation that will help save the lives of other people just like you?


There was another byproduct of the Eat2Live diet plan and lifestyle that is worth the mention. I lost weight and built muscle. I have to note here, that the muscle building came from doing exercise, not from just the diet. But the weight loss came from the die, not the exercise program. If you are interested in the exercise program I used it is called Isometeonics. Visit the Isometonics website to find out more

Eat2Live is the culmination of many years of food research and live testing. Every person is unique, and the way our bodies deal with food is unique, The time has come for us to deal with diet as unique to each person. This approach changes a diet into a sustainable way of life, shaped around you, the individual, to increases your health, weight loss, wellness and energy.

Helping people lose weight and becoming healthy again has become my passion, and I have weaved this passion into every aspect of Eat2Live.

The Company Name

I believe our world has changed the way we are supposed to look at food. As a chef, I understand the concept of making food taste incredible. So incredible in fact that people cannot resist overeating.

All food that is produced is made to taste its absolute best. This has bred a society that “lives to eat.” This lifestyles breeds many bad habits, obesity and health problems. I want to show people that we can still eat amazing food, maintain weight and increase health. It was a lesson or epiphany learned while studying the San Bushmen of South Africa that I realised they only EAT TO LIVE – From this concept came the company name – Eat2Live.


Our Missionearth in trouble

Our world is in serious need of assistance. Anyone that tries to find out what they should eat gets information overload. Eat this, don’t eat that, this will give you a heart attack, that will give you some disease.

Who knows what we can eat anymore. If we had to listen to the advice on the internet, we would not be able to eat anything because no one agrees on anything.

I believe food is for life. It is there to keep us going, keep us healthy, keep us full of energy. I want to teach the world how to live their best lives by changing their way of life. As a chef, nutrition specialist and health and wellness coach, I want to help you through the maze of skewed information to the point where you can confidently build your own way of life.


My Family

I am a blessed man. I have a great family, and to answer your question, yes, they are following the Eat2Live lifestyle.

Marius Nel's Family

Love those that are in your life. Give them a special place in your day. They deserve it, so do you. Love is the fastest route to happiness. Without it, what is the purpose of anything? Make sure you have love, I don’t just mean a husband or wife kind of love, I mean family or friends, colleagues, neighbours. My first advice to you is, start loving people, it will change your life – I promise.

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